One less light without you, Chester


I don’t know where to start.

I hope by putting these thoughts into words I could immortalize my memories of you.  Life is fleeting, and I can’t promise that you will be forever in my memory. But maybe this would help me.

I want to blame the recluse spider from years ago. Maybe its venom  finally took toll on your body and poisoned you? Maybe. You always seemed to make fun of your misadventures while on tour. Such a clown at times. Such a stubborn man, too. I remember another instance you insisted getting on with the show even if you  already broke your arm.

This is why it never crossed my mind that you would choose another path to freedom. 

I knew you were broken. I knew you’ve been hurt. A lot. And for a long time.

But that’s the thing I admire about you. No matter how broken you were, no matter how much you spoke that despair through your songs, you still inspired many of us to keep on fighting, to not give up.

Your presence was a light that shined bright in a world that can be cruelly dark.

This sounds cliché but, it’s true:  Linkin Park has taught me it’s okay to be angry at your self, at other people, at the world. Your music also taught me it’s okay to be hurt and to admit that you are hurting. All of us, your fans, would agree when I say that your music was our solace when everything sucked, when the rest of the world didn’t seem to care one bit.

And every time you are out there—up on stage, when radio plays your songs, when we stream your music—your voice is the comfort that wraps its arms around us, telling us to let go of what’s holding us down.

Music does that. It’s therapy. And your voice and lyrics are the sedatives that compliment it.

That was you. That was Chester Bennington. And we loved you for that. No matter how broken you were, you forged ahead and tried your best to win your battles. And in doing so, inspired us to face our own.

But I guess you can’t win them all.

I can’t promise I won’t forget you. Or that you will always be missed. The human mind has means of pushing away memories to give way to new ones. And time makes the process faster.

Let me try though.  At least let me try.


Rest in peace, Chester—our idol, our hero, and our friend. May your light always shine bright in our hearts.

Who cares if one more light goes out, Chester? We do. We all do.

(A lot of memorials are being held today all around the world. Although I started writing this a day after news about his death broke out, it took me a week to finally finish it because most of the times I did not even want to  work on the draft. )


The latest single from The Fray is out

There’s a huge chance that The Fray’s upcoming fourth album Helios will be leaning towards more upbeat tracks so if you are part of the million fans who loved their previous albums–especially the first three because of “Ungodly Hour”, “Uncertainty”, “Vienna”, “Happiness”, “Never Say Never”, “You Found Me”, “I Can Barely Say”, “Rainy Zurich” and “Be Still”–you  might do a double take on giving Helios a listen. It’s not the first time The Fray released quick, fast-paced songs, mind you. The Denver-based quintet has been quite successful with “All at Once”, “Here We Are”, “Say When”, “1961”, “She is”, and “Turn Me On”, to name a few. But when they released their first single from Helios, “Love Don’t Die” last October and followed it up  recently with “Hurricane”–two upbeat songs in a row–one cannot help but wonder if Isaac Slade and the rest of the band is indeed gearing for the more pop, quick, even sanguine songs. While we wait for the new album to come out (it was supposed to be launched yesterday, January 14 but was moved to February 25 instead), check out Hurricane, the second single from The Fray’s fourth album, Helios: