The latest single from The Fray is out

There’s a huge chance that The Fray’s upcoming fourth album Helios will be leaning towards more upbeat tracks so if you are part of the million fans who loved their previous albums–especially the first three because of “Ungodly Hour”, “Uncertainty”, “Vienna”, “Happiness”, “Never Say Never”, “You Found Me”, “I Can Barely Say”, “Rainy Zurich” and “Be Still”–you  might do a double take on giving Helios a listen. It’s not the first time The Fray released quick, fast-paced songs, mind you. The Denver-based quintet has been quite successful with “All at Once”, “Here We Are”, “Say When”, “1961”, “She is”, and “Turn Me On”, to name a few. But when they released their first single from Helios, “Love Don’t Die” last October and followed it up  recently with “Hurricane”–two upbeat songs in a row–one cannot help but wonder if Isaac Slade and the rest of the band is indeed gearing for the more pop, quick, even sanguine songs. While we wait for the new album to come out (it was supposed to be launched yesterday, January 14 but was moved to February 25 instead), check out Hurricane, the second single from The Fray’s fourth album, Helios:


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