2013 Challenge: Book that Trip to Literacy

I’ve missed reading books. I’ve missed discovering and re-discovering new and old titles. I’ve missed smelling the scent of the paper as I turn the pages of a book.

I want to go back to that old habit. I think I’ve wandered away too much that last year I just read a few books. This year, I want to add to my “must do” list to read at least one book every month. I actually started reading a classic (I have its paperback copy with me years ago, one of the few classics I bought from MV Dullos when it docked the Philippine shore. I haven’t read it since then although I managed to read one of the book’s companions last year.). So now I am hoping to finish and understand it amid the interruptions and the vocabulary challenge. Haha.

I’ve discovered Goodreads, too. Thanks to Targrod.

Here’s to a more literate 2013 then. Right.


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