Growing Up: Why 2012 was an Awesome Year

Growth (grth)

n. 1.      a. The process of growing.

            b. Full development; maturity.

     2.  Development from a lower or simpler to a higher or more complex form; evolution.

During one of our planning sessions last year (2011), my team agreed that we should come up with a word that would describe how we wanted 2012 to be all about. I chose the one above because I said I wanted to be more mature and to well, grow in all levels of my life.

Looking back at the last twelve months, I can say that the “process of growing” had been very good for me. 2012 had been all but full of blessings. Let me share some of this year’s highlights:

Firsts. This year, I’ve finally been to Palawan and Boracay! The Palawan trip was extra memorable because it was full of firsts (again)—first to try zip line, to swim/walk the biggest pool in the province, visit the Underground River, see my high school friend after years of no communication (he was part of the plane’s crew on our trip back to Manila) and first time to really visit a Mangrove forest (I think). Later in December, I was assigned to cover a story in Aklan where our first stop was no other than Boracay. Although we just stayed there for a few hours, it was still awesome to see the beach (and to be with a fast food chain mascot).

I also gave running a try this year. Yes, running. I didn’t know I could actually do it (although I’ve never had a hard time walking long distances) but I did! My first “official run” was the Sin tax Run last December 16. Running six kilometers was tiring but refreshing as well. I hope to run again soon.

2012 is also memorable because I’ve randomly met a boy in a park one afternoon I was contemplating on going straight home or on having a dinner with friends. His name was Renjiro and he’s almost six years old. There I was, sitting on one of the benches in a park in Makati, headphones on. And this boy came up to me and before I knew it I was having a conversation with him. Not merely talking, but conversing. And the sweetest part of it? Other people came by and tried to catch his attention but he remained by my side (his dad was seated nearby) and he even introduced me as his ‘friend’. I regret not having my friend take a photo of us. But I hope to see him again next year since he said he never miss watching the Symphony of Lights.

Career.  2012 had been very good to me. I am humbled and grateful to be part of a team that really supported me and my writing this year. I am still on the learning curve but I believe I’ve become more confident with my job. I love the fact that it has enabled me to go to places I’ve never been before (Palawan and Boracay, baby!) and got to interview interesting people. I am looking forward to honing my craft for more substantial stories this 2013.

Relationships. Goodbyes and hellos thrived in 2012. One of my closest friends at the office finally decided to shift careers and I was really saddened by her leaving (although I truly supported her move). But a farewell opens doors to new friendships and I was given two additional friends this year. The sad part is that just when we were just getting along so well, one of them had to leave again. It’s hard to keep the friendship alive outside the office especially if both parties have busy schedule. But the thing about this kind of relationship is that no matter how long you’ve been away from each other, once you get together, the spark is still there.

I am also thankful for my SMB group. These people have shown me how great it is to be alive and enjoy life amid all the b.s. it throws at you. They’ve been very supportive and for that I am blessed to have them in my life.

Health. Just like last year, the last quarter of 2012 had been quite challenging in terms of my health. Allergy bouts were common (it’s the weather and the pollution) but there came a time I thought (and my family and company nurse thought) my lungs are getting weak because I couldn’t recover from my cough. I was so happy to see my x-ray results clear but my doctor urged me to see another specialist to check my back. It turned out I have scoliosis. I was shocked of course (I guess it’s because of my bad posture and me having to carry heavy stuff like my bag) but was relieved to find out it’s not that serious. YET. All in all, I think I just need to further boost my immune system and try to remember I am not getting any younger.

Love. Ah, that four-letter word. The one I am looking for I have yet to find. But love in other forms abound and for that I am grateful. Just the same, I love 2012 for giving a whole lot of moments of “kilig”. I didn’t expect it to happen and that made it extra special. Hurray for Happiness!

Music. I am including music because, 2012 was a great year for new albums and yes, concerts. There were just so many good songs this year, not to mention a bunch of new artists (mainstream and otherwise). Also, I never imagined I’d be able to go to ten concerts this year! I know a lot of people would find it too outlandish to spend on concert tickets but I have come to terms with their opinions. As for me, music is one of the things that keep me sane. It is a balm that soothes the aching soul. It is one way to celebrate life. So yes, I spent on MAJORITY of those tickets. Some of course, were courtesy of good friends and luck (and I thank the stars for smiling down on me). Who would’ve thought Snow Patrol, The Fray, Keane, Vertical Horizon+Live (among others) would be here ?! It was a CRAZY year, I tell you. I will post my Best Concerts of 2012 soon.

Yes, 2012 was a great year for me. I am grateful for all the blessings, adventures and challenges. I bid this year farewell hoping to continue growing and sharing my life with more people as I learn to “receive” in 2013. Cheers!

More adventures for 2013! ;-)

More adventures for 2013! 😉


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