The Hangover

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This is what I get me every time I experience a great concert—a hangover. An OA hangover, at that. What happens is I can’t seem to move on from the exhilaration I felt during the show. I would put on loop the albums of the artist I saw; then spend everyday listening to them, in my head were images of the artist performing on stage.

The most recent one of course is Lifehouse‘s “Smoke and Mirrors Tour” last May 26 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

I must say, me and Lifehouse had a sort of ‘falling out’ a few years ago. I mean, one day I just found myself no longer looking forward to their next singles. So when I heard they’re coming over again, I wasn’t excited the way I would have been four years ago (when I was hoping I would catch them but didn’t). I even told my friends that “I am no longer a fan.”

As the day of the concert drew near, I was having mixed emotions. A part of me was getting excited, the other part trying to be (still) nonchalant about it. By Friday, I was hoping that I could be out of the office the following day on time, hassle-free. I didn’t get to buy their latest album (Smokes and Mirrors) nor load their old stuff on my player. If it was an examination, I wasn’t able to ‘review’ my notes. I would just rely on my stock knowledge to ‘pass’ it (in this case, enjoy the concert).

Then it began. To say that Jason Wade and the rest of Lifehouse were amazing performers is an understatement. I didn’t expect it, actually. I was thinking I wouldn’t be affected by it like the other shows did. Boy, was I wrong. Jason’s voice was so clear, so good in my ears; I felt my heart melting to the ballads and my body moving to the beats of the faster songs.

When he went down the stage and tried going around, the crowd just went crazy. I could’ve sworn that he was on his way to us!!! It was really disappointing that he got stopped by the security personnel (for security reasons, I guess) but a friend was able to hold his hand! Hay! Again, I didn’t expect myself screaming that way.

I guess everyone would agree that the highlight of the show was the 10-minute medley of Lifehouse hits that Jason sang acoustically. It was like an intimate gig where Jason granted the song request from the audience. There were a lot of songs! In the middle of the number, we worried that the band won’t have enough songs to sing anymore.

Yet they were determined to make up for the four years they were gone. They kept on playing. The crowd kept on singing with them in return. I then realize that this band REALLY got a lot of hits and that they were such AMAZING performers. Each member put his heart on every song the band performed. It was eargasm. I loved it. I just loved it.

Six days after the concert and here I am still stuck in that moment. Fortunately, I know I’m not the only one. There are a lot of us. So, pardon me if I will again seek solitude  and resume listening to “Smokes and Mirrors”. Yep, hangover.

Lifehouse: “See you soon, Philippines!” (Photo from Lifehouse’s Facebook page:


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