Yes, this is an apology

Lately, I feel my followers on Twitter have been barraged by so much negative vibes. I really cannot blame them. Sometimes I feel the urge to stop being too full of anger towards the universe. It’s hard though. There are things that just make you snap no matter how much determined you are to shut your mouth, or on this case, to refrain from tweeting.

Being too mad is not fun at all. You are too consumed by your feelings that you are blinded by more positive things in life. You are too focused on your hurt that you fail to notice the hurt of other people around you. You are too engrossed on other people’s faults that you forget your imperfections, too.

If this is just a phase in my life—one of those instances that I just need to let the world see my other side—then I am lucky. I can still spread the love, the optimism and the kindness to the people around me. I want to believe that this is just a stage that I can overcome.

But this is also a part of me that I need to embrace because in doing so I can understand myself better. So do I need to apologize for being me? I don’t think so. I think I just need to say sorry if I’m using the wrong venue of letting the world know my feelings. So here it is: I am sorry (please do not use a former president’s intonation when you read this, haha).

I’ll try to do better next time.



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