June Happenings

While reviewing my notes and checking my desk calendar, I noticed the last month had been interesting, with a few wonderful surprises that came my way. So to share the good life the Universe made me experience, here is a short list of the June happenings:

June 18 – I got to catch one of the movies in this year’s French Film Festival. It also turned out to be my “me-time” as I spent the entire process of falling in line, buying my food and watching the film on my own. See my comment on the film here.

June 19 – It’s Lolo Pepe’s (Jose Rizal) 150th birth anniversary. The weather got me so lazy to go out (I was planning to catch another French film) but my Sunday did not go to waste. I read a few pages of Ambeth Ocampo’s Rizal without the Overcoat, caught some Rizal-themed shows on TV and finally saw Insidious. I also reached the final pages of the Betti Letts book I’ve been reading for weeks!

June 20 – No work Monday! Woot! Got to submit my article when power came back and spent the last few hours of the long weekend catching up on sleep.

June 22 – Lunch meeting with the BA team at XO46 Bistro Filipino (owned by one of our columnists). It’s located at the Ground floor of Le Grand Tower in Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati. I must say I enjoyed the food —Filipino cuisine that was complemented by Filipino music playing in the background. –

Then the wonderful surprise: I got invited to join my officemate in watching Varekai! I was not really excited when I found a few months earlier that Cirque du Soleil would be coming to the country mainly because I knew I couldn’t afford the ticket (pang concert lang ako). So when people started raving about it, I just didn’t join the bandwagon. But when I got to the place, it’s as if I went back to becoming a kid! It was raining so hard during the opening night but we braved the rain (free tickets!) and still went to the tent propped on the grounds of Quirino Grandstand.

Being early for the show, we decided to get the free notebook one can get when she signs a membership card for Manila Hotel and take photos of the place (well, at least outside the circus area. – Then we’re actually inside the tent and soon we were transformed to the world of Varekai.

June 27 – I woke up to a text message sent around 5am from Ovation Productions’ Mr. Renen de Guia. I interviewed him for my story on producing concerts in the country that came out on that day. He said he found my article very well-written. Just imagine how it made my day. I was actually nervous on him reading my work because with the few instances that we talked over the phone, I got the feeling that he is a meticulous guy who does not want to be misquoted. The fact that he is also one of the pioneers in the producing live music shows added to my apprehension. I was really elated by his comments.


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