No, I’m Not Irritated. Really.

So this is one of those days.

I have been struggling to write a decent article for three days now but have been meeting road blocks along the way. I don’t know about you, but when I am writing or reading something, I want to be left alone in a quiet corner so that I can concentrate. Since the start of this week I have been trying to focus my attention to putting together words out of my notes. The problem is, for the last three days, I have been bothered by the noise around me.

Let’s just get things straight here. First: I have no choice but to deal with the noise. Second: I can’t tell the people involved that they are actually loud to inconvenience their neighbors. I just have to express my annoyance lest I explode. So allow me to indulge you with my ‘silent’ rant.

I hate noise, the unwarranted kind. I know myself that much to state that fact. I can tolerate the occasional conversations that can escalate to loud laughter once in a while. But when this becomes a habit that spawns from insensitivity to other people around you, it really makes me snap. Oh hell yeah. I don’t attack or bite the culprit’s head off. I’m not war-freak and uncivilized that way. Besides, I should know my place, especially if the suspects turn out to be people you are with everyday. I try to deal with it on my own. The most effective way I have come up with is to drown the noise with another noise – noise withrhythm and notes. So I turn my player on and have the voices of Chester Bennington, Jared Leto and Ryan Key among others defeat the irritating sound. There are times I need to turn the volume up especially when I hear louder foreign voices.

When I feel my ear drums are about to explode and my brains are giving up on me, I choose the door. I go out, fill my lungs with some fresh air lest I completely lose my sanity. Most of the times this works. But I can’t always go out. I won’t be able to finish anything then.

I sometimes give up. I stop working or writing and go on line. Check my timeline on twitter and see what’s happening around me and yes, talk to some friends. It allows me to focus my irritation to other things, reminds me that I am still a human being capable to smile or even laugh.

Of course, the noise will eventually stop and the silence (unfortunately not the complete kind) will prevail in the end. But while the noises continue to disrupt me from my thoughts, I will hold my quiet protest.


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