David Cook Covers Adele’s Rolling in the Deep

While looking for David Cook‘s performance of Last Goodbye on American Idol, I stumbled upon this video of him singing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. I’ve featured here before John Legend’s version of this song from Adele’s new album, 21. When I first saw the link on YouTube, I was actually apprehensive about hearing David’s version. Adele’s songs, I think, are difficult to render and it will take a powerful voice to do justice in singing her songs.

David Cook definitely has that voice. His performance not only proved us how  Rolling in the Deep is such a moving song but how, as an artist, David was able to make it his own. This guy truly deserves the title of being an Idol and I just hope more and more people will really recognize his talent. He is also one of the very few artists at present who can belt out live performances as if they are taken from a recorded album. His self-titled first album has been certified platinum while his next album This Loud Morning will be out on June 28 (pre-selling started last April 19)

Here is David Cook’s version, sang during MIX 94.1’s Pet-A-Palooza in Las Vegas (a concert in support of pet adoption).

For those who like to hear a better-sounding version (David had to deal with technical difficulties during his performance), you can check out these sites:




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