Chiz and Christine Call It Quits???

I have a long-standing crush on Chiz Escudero. I don’t know when exactly it started but I remember going gaga over him when he was still a congressman. Back then, he was very vocal in expressing his views against the former president and other relevant issues. It didn’t help that I get to hear/see him every time he gives a privilege speech during those times so my crushing on him just grew by leaps and bounds. When we got him and his family to be on the cover of HIPP magazine two years ago, I was so smitten by his nearness I didn’t get a photo of the two of us (talk about being a loser!). My infatuation hit a standstill when he started making viewpoints that were, for me, unlike Chiz.

So, I was actually expecting myself to rejoice over the news/rumor/news/rumor/whatever-no-one-is-confirming that he and wife Christine have hit splitsville when I saw it on twitter today. But then again, I just couldn’t. Let’s take away from this equation the hard truth that even if it was indeed true that they are now separated (I read somewhere it was Chiz who filed for separation but again, it’s not yet confirmed) it’s beyond any hint of possibility that we’ll end up together (besides, I don’t see Chiz as my partner-in-life material. Ha! You wish!). Let’s just stick with the fact (if ever it is indeed true) that the husband and wife are calling it quits. I don’t feel rejoicing because:

1. They have kids. I know that staying together for the kids is not the best option or solution to failed marriages but I still cannot help feeling sorry for their kids. I just hope that they will still  make the kids  feel the same love they have given them when they were still a family.

2. It would have been a great marriage. Okay, so maybe it failed because it was never meant to be but then again when you marry someone, you make that choice of living with your better-half for the rest of your life. On the surface ( since we do not know what was really happening between Chiz and Christine), they looked like a perfect couple – two beautiful and smart people falling in love. What could have gone wrong? Maybe we’ll learn as the days pass by.

3. It must have been heartbreaking for both of them. It’s just sad to know when couples decided to part ways after years of being in love together. More so if you thought their love story was one to envy for. Oh well.

4. I think this split will make a mark in his bid for higher office in the next elections. So who’ll be the future First Lady then?

5. I hate it that rumors have it that a very prominent personality is the cause of break-up. Pwede ba? Pwede bang iba na lang? Haha. Please huwag siya.


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  1. hehehe…parehas po tau may crush kai sen. chiz! hihihihihi!!!

    peo, bakit po cla naghiwalay????? i mean, parang wala naman po clang prob. anuh po ba nangyari???? :/

    kung pwede lang po, paki msg sa kin sa FB ung issue po nila…gustong gusto ko po kac malaman ei…i will feel so thankful for ur kind consideration. thanks for this blog btw. ^_^

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