The Script Live in Manila: The Aftermath

Finally, I’m done counting the days and the hours. I know I might have annoyed some of my friends on FB and followers on Twitter since I’ve been tweeting about it endlessly (until now actually) but last Saturday I  finally realized a dream of seeing one of my favorite bands perform live. Yes, I’m talking about The Script who rocked the Big Dome and who got wowed in return by the energetic crowd. I can only sum up their show in one word=EPIC. What made it epic was not only because they played non-stop, with no front act, but also because the audience was all game in singing, swaying and screaming to their every song.

I was glad I was with a good friend who’s also a fan of the band. Prior to the show, I already asked her not to disown me if ever I transformed into something or someone else when I start shouting and screaming beside her. I didn’t have to worry because we were both transported to a world only people who love the band and their songs understand.

The band opened with “You Won’t Feel a Thing,” the first single from their latest album Science and Faith. I couldn’t contain myself when I heard the familiar intro of the song. Then it was followed by Talk You Down which made the crowd crazy, I couldn’t hear Danny’s voice. Actually, his mic didn’t really sound good but I think even if it did, you would still have a hard time hearing him with all the screams around you.

Here is the complete list of the songs that night:

You Won’t Feel a Thing

Talk You Down

We Cry

If You Ever Come Back

Before The Worst

If You See Kay

The End Where I Begin

Science and Faith

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

I’m Yours


Dead Man Walking

Rusty Halo


For The First Time


I could barely take a decent photo as I was always singing and swaying like crazy. Even the fast songs with rap lyrics, I enjoyed to the fullest. And that made the concert extra special because I was singing to their every song. I never thought I would react to Rusty Halo or Dead Man Walking that way, even singing the second voices. And when Danny took the guitar and sang I’m Yours, I could just feel myself melt. Hearing Glen’s second voice was amazing too, he had such a great voice. Even Mark was wonderful singing/rapping live. This Irish trio is really a talented group.

Too bad they didn’t sing Exit Wounds and Long Gone and Moved On. Exit Wounds is my favorite, favorite heart breaking song in the album. But it was nice hearing Science and Faith live which is another favorite. If only I can invite them over my house so they can sing ALL their songs to me.

It really is something when you watch a concert or a show where everybody or at least majority enjoyed it. I love the way the audience knew how to react to the band’s performances. And that part where the audience got to sing along with The Man Who Can’t be Moved was really something for the books. You can really feel that the band was enjoying what they were seeing/hearing that night. I also like the part where holding a can of beer on their hands, they talked about how the Irish and the Filipinos both love to drink when they’re broken-hearted, segueing to Nothing, much to the delight of the crowd.

Right after the show, I literally collapsed into my seat, sweating. I felt my ribs got dislocated with all the screaming I did – shouting their names and singing to every song they played at the top of my  lings – and felt the initial hoarseness in my voice.

But the night was not yet over. A friend, who was very, very lucky to win in a meet and greet contest promised to try his best to have my CD/DVD signed or better yet join him in meeting the band! But a big disappointed thanks to Globe and Sun Networks who made it soooo difficult to communicate that night. I could barely send a text message and lines where always busy it was so hard to call. It was only after my friend and I met outside the coliseum and grabbed something to eat that I was able to get all the messages people were sending me. Arghhhh! I would have settled for an autographed CD/DVD but no luck. I also learned the organizers didn’t allow any CD signing. But still, it was a memorable night and my friend thinking of me first when he won that contest was really something for me.

April 16, 2011 would always be an unforgettable date for me. It capped off the amazing birthday week that I had. It was far from perfect with last minute glitches and worries that I wouldn’t be able to get in the concert area on time (I made it just as the National Anthem was being played) but it was definitely worth it.

Danny, Mark and Glen: please come back. We’ll definitely leave our doors on a latch to welcome you guys once again!



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