Twenty Six Facts about Me

I’m spending the last few hours of being twenty-six. Driven by the urge to post something before I turn a year old, I decided to take on this blog the #100factsaboutme which everyone seems to be tweeting about. Instead of 100 though, I will only give 26 facts about myself. I do not have the time and I do not want to wear you out. So here it is, my #26factsaboutme:


1. I am allergic to unwanted noise. Unwanted noise can be defined as the loud conversations people around you engage in, guffaws they enjoy having or a blaring music that wakes you up in the middle of your sleep.

2. I got a death threat before.

3. I like to sleep. Maybe because I don’t feel like I have enough sleep that when I have the chance to sleep longer hours, I ‘hibernate.’

4. I like root beer more than cola.

5. I never had that moment in my life that I called myself fat or that people saw me gain weight.

6. I have been a consistent recipient of “The Most Behave Award” back in gradeschool except when I was in sixth grade.

7. Back when I was a kid, I couldn’t sleep without drinking coffee.

8. I love cats. I prefer them over dogs because they require less attention and they have traits I can relate to.

9. I used to send letters to random people when pen pals were still in vogue mainly because my siblings and I had a silent competition on who gets more letters and who gets to collect more stamps.

10. My teachers made me join our Math Olympiad team because according to them, I can write the answer fastest.

11. I never joined field trips and camps.

12. I was already working full time before I actually graduated from college. I never took the break most of my batchmates took after college.

13. I grew up listening to the radio, both AM and FM bands.

14. I used to fear the day the sun will die on us, thinking it will be in the near future.

15. I really hate makulit na tao.

16. I love watching war/action/horror/suspense films.

17. I can be disorganized one time and a neat freak the next minute.

18. I love sunsets.

19. I was turning 18 when we had to transfer houses. It was a life-changing chapter in my life.

20. I had crushes on gays.

21. I have never bought a phone.

22. I don’t celebrate my birthday the way other people do (dinners, parties, etc.)

23. I am sentimental.

24. I hate P.E. classes.

25. I love to sing.

26. I am easy to please. Really.

27. I have never been on a real vacation. I always think of work or stuff I left back home. 😛



  1. We’ll plan your real vacation really soon…. hahahaha… You hate makulit na tao and yet your stuck with me as your friend.. hahaha.. Death Threat really??? I didn’t know that..

  2. #10 really cracked me up. i was really sleepy in the office and thought of visiting your blog. Success! i really love how you write, how you put your thoughts into words. sometimes, i wish that i can convey and use words like you do. anyway, i hope you can do 27 (ooops, i thought 26 lang? hahaha) and i hope we can try it with other rushers together, that would be fun!!!

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