The Script Live in Manila

Even before Science and Faith, I already liked The Script but my exposure to their music was only limited to their radio hits (from their self-titled debut album) – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, Breakeven and Talk You Down. When they released their first single (For the First Time) from their latest album, someone suggested I check out Nothing, another cut from the CD. What I did was I got the whole album so I could check if I would like their songs. I didn’t like it, I fell in love with it. It seems an exaggeration, I know. But how can one not be taken by this album? This trio has captured my ears and my heart with the lyrics and the melody of all the songs. The fact that they are Irish is just wonderful. (I believe Irish people really make good musicians).They are also like Filipinos when it comes to falling in love. We love with all our heart and when things end between us and our loved ones, we seek second chances, we hope for the best, we wait in vain,  even to the point of being pathetic.

I rave about albums that give me the difficult time deciding which is my favorite cut among the songs because majority, if not all, are really good. Walang patapon. I found this in the albums I got to check out last year – Gin Blossoms’ No Chocolate Cake, Dashboard Confessional’s Alter the Ending, Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns, Train’s Hey, Soul Sister (with the exception of Breakfast in Bed) and 30 Seconds to Mars’ This is War.

It was the same with Science and Faith. The first time I played the album, I already know it was going to be a favorite.

I love all the songs but if you have to force me to choose which tracks are my ultimate favorites (notice how I still can’t pick just one!), I would have to say it would be Exit Wounds, Science and Faith and Nothing.

The second track to be released, Nothing speaks of a man’s condition after a breakup. The first line of the song will instantly strike a familiar chord. “Am I better off dead?Am I better off a quitter? /They say I’m better off now, than I ever was with her.” Friends always tell us everything happens for a reason and that the situation where we are right now is a better place compared before. When we break up with someone, friends tell us the generic line “it’s better that you two parted ways. You’re much better this way.”

Just like what most Pinoys do when brokenhearted, the man in the song goes out drinking with his friends so as to forget the pain. Yet, it proves that he is so much in love with her that he tries getting back to her, calling her, going to her house–yet all he gets is nothing. The line “sometimes love’s intoxicating/ you’re coming down/ your walls are shaking/when you realize there’s no one waiting,” makes you ponder on the tragedy that love can become.

This gets me to another favorite single, Exit Wounds. What got me attached to this song is the way it shows us how complicated it is to be brokenhearted. It is not only the pain that one has to bear when someone leaves him/her. It is the extent of the wound that a failed relationship inflicts to the person that one has to live with. “And I’m falling through the doors of the emergency room/Can anybody help me with these exit wounds?/I don’t know how much more love this heart can lose/And I’m dying, dying from these exit wounds.” How do you live with the exit wounds? When you are so broken, how do you expect to move on?  “I’m damaged goods off to sea/Now who would ever wanna be with me?” It’s so emo, I know. But when you are broken-hearted, can you avoid being all emotional?

Not all songs in the album are about heart breaks though. Science and Faith is a wonderful way of putting what true love is. It’s been my last song syndrome (LSS) for weeks, believe me. It makes you think about your stand on the concept of love and falling in love. It’s a classic case of the guy rationalizing what he and the girl have but the girl finds it more than something quantifiable. This love is immeasurable, indefinable, and unexplainable. Love is just that – love. You just have to believe that it is real. “You won’t find faith or hope down a telescope/You won’t find heart and soul in the stars/You can break everything, down to chemicals/But you can’t explain a love like ours.”

And with only eight days left before The Script’s concert here in Manila, expect fans to have the two albums on repeat in their players. To say that I am excited for April 16 is an understatement. Heck, I’m counting the days to the concert date more than I am looking forward to my birthday next week! My hope is that I would REALLY enjoy the concert and the rest of April 16. I hope I could  REALLY get out of the office on time so that I could still have ample time to prepare for the show (as if I’m the one performing!). I mean, you wouldn’t want to rush to a concert even if you got the reserved seats right? The concert is something I consider as my birthday treat to myself, actually. So, see you on the 16th then? 🙂 (See my post-concert entry here).


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