If the Shoe Fits (A Reflection on One’s Career)

I had a chat with a good friend recently and found out he just resigned from the company he was working for. If I’m not mistaken, it’s only been two or three months since he started there. He used to work in a BPO company before venturing on the field of media where the course we took in college is directly related. More than the difference in the remuneration he gets in the last job he had, my friend confided that he realized that the line of work he took after BPO is not made for him. When he was still in the call center industry, we could still schedule a meet up and chat, over pizza or coffee, about the latest happenings in our lives and our other barkada’s lives. When he started being a researcher in that TV network though, he usually spent his time in the field or stayed in the studio overnight because of work. Even though he could deliver the requirements of the job, he admitted his body took the blow.

This I fully understand. Every one of us is wired differently and is designed to excel in a certain field of expertise. I admit that the reason I shy away from applying for a call center position is that I know it is not just my cup of tea. First, I am short-tempered. I feel that handling customer-related problems everyday will drive me insane. Second, I’m afraid my body cannot weather the very cold atmosphere in those offices. I might also resort to smoking (okay, I doubt this would happen since I detest cigarettes) and (more) unhealthy lifestyle. I really admire those who found a home in the BPO field. It takes a lot of expertise and patience to last in that job.

I am glad that I have lost my slot to become a researcher in that network (yes, I applied there before). I realize now that it would really eat up a lot of my time/life. Don’t get me wrong. I know they (researchers) enjoy what they do and they do know how to relax. But my first job had been so demanding, I barely had time to unwind (I was on call 24/7). I feel the place where I am right now is where I should be — it can be demanding at times but I can still breathe. It also doesn’t hurt that the bosses I have are not micro-managers, they guide me yet do not smother me.

So I told my friend that indeed it would be better for him to go back to the BPO industry where he has a broader spectrum of experience and where he is sure to have the fulfillment he wants. We both agreed that at this time of our lives, we have to look into the long-term aspects of the careers we are taking. We are not getting any younger and as much as we dream to be the journalists that we first dreamt of when we took that course, we must learn how to compromise. This doesn’t mean we are letting go our dream, we’re just being realistic that the dream has to take a backseat for now.


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