The Search for the Perfect Twitter Name

Might as well strike while the iron is hot. In my case, might as well write while I’m perked up. As the twitterverse is buzzing with #100factsaboutme, and I am tempted to join the bandwagon, I have to stop myself and focus on my blog.

But my post is still about twitter. It has been days now that I have been mulling over the thought of really changing my twitter name. I have been using @wandering_eneri for two years now but there are quite a number of reasons why I wanted to rename myself:

1. It’s too long. When I actually came up with my name, it was because this was the name people got to know me in a forum for RX931’s TMR listeners. I decided to retain it for the sake of name recall.  And people had a hard time remembering how to type it when they’re using @tweetitow and even pronouncing it. :D.

2. Somehow it connotes negativity. At my age, I think I should not be “wandering” anymore. I believe there is a need for me to own the things happening to me at the moment and those that I want to happen in the future. Suffice it to say, I’m getting tired of my wanderings.

3. I know it’s unique but it’s boring. Okay, so maybe it’s not that boring. Maybe it just lacks the “oomph.” Whatever.

4. Having said that, I need a name that will clearly define me, that when I read it out loud, I can confidently say that “that’s me.”

So now, I’m on this mission of finding the “perfect twitter name.” Any suggestions?


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