John Legend Sings Rolling in the Deep

Yesterday, I was greeted by messages notifying me that John Legend did a cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. He actually tweeted that he did his own version but I found out about it first via Jolly of RX931‘s Jump Start/Pimp Out Saturday. There I was barely settled in my office cubicle that morning downloading the said track. I wanted to be one of the first people who get to listen to it.

Did John Legend do justice in singing Adele’s hit? Was his version better than Adele? Did it fall short to my expectations?

Before giving you my verdict, here is Rolling in the Deep by John Legend:

Rolling in the Deep ( John Legend)

Since it took me quite some time to transfer the file to my player, I had to listen to the song in my computer which was a wrong idea because for some unknown reason, the sound quality was not very good. Still, I had to give John Legend another chance. So after making sure I had it on my player, I had all my attention to the song.

It’s John Legend. How can you go wrong with that voice? And he rendered it as bare as his soul, doing it in acapella. It’s like you were hearing a solo part of the choir during a mass but this time, it’s a mass on heartbreak. You have to give it to him when he sings—he always owns the song even if it’s a cover.

But if you will ask me, I still want Adele’s version better. It’s the version I fell in love with in the first place. I would also like to think that the way she sang it— her vibrato, the pulsating beats, the way the words rolled in her tongue —is the best way to get that message understood. She has that haunting way of penetrating the inner depths of your heart that even if you are not brokenhearted, you can still feel her emotions as you listen to her song.

Still, I look forward to an Adele-John Legend collaboration. That would be a feast to my ears (not to mention my soul).


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