Yellowcard emerges from hiatus, treats Pinoy fans

Yellowcard’s Sean Mackin, Ryan Mendez, Ryan Key, Longineu Parsons III and Sean O’Donell

The band could not believe that even though they are thousands of miles away from the Philippines, their music would be this well-received by Filipinos. 


For punk rock band Yellowcard, going on a break for two years was what they needed to be where they are right now.

“If we didn’t take a break, we don’t think we’d be here,” the band’s lead vocals and guitarist Ryan Key says during the presscon at Shangri-La Hotel a day before their concert in Manila. “It was just important I think, for all of us to sort of get our feet on the ground and get refocused and recharge our batteries.”

The band, who announced their hiatus in 2008 after the success of their Paperwalls album, admits that right now, they feel ‘refreshed’ and “reformed.” Prior to the break, the band had to cope with the falling out of one member to another. The interval was seen as a needed remedy as they faced the ups and downs of their success.

Key said the lull enabled the members to develop life outside the band. He and Sean O’Donnell ventured into writing songs together. O’Donelle replaced former bassist Peter Mosely but has been helping them out even before becoming part of the Yellowcard.

“Sean’s been a friend of the band for a long time and I was a big fan of his music–we all were, in his previous band [Reeve Oliver].” When Yellowcard took a break and O’Donell was no longer playing for his band anymore, the two got together and started writing songs.

The other band members had their hands full  as well. Sean Mackin (violin) got married while Longineu Parsons (drums) became busy with his family and had side projects such as working with American Idol’s Adam Lambert.

“When You’re Done Thinking,  Say Yes”

The band is set to release its seventh album, “When You’re Done Thinking, Say Yes,” next month.

“This is a record where we worked together as a team,” says Key. Asked how the new album will be different to the previous releases, he said that this, for them, is re-discovering the Yellowcard sound. “You’ll see that the album will be sounding a lot like Yellowcard but not really like Yellowcard.”

And fans, of course are anticipating this ‘old but new’ Yellowcard record. An online poll in recognized “When You’re Done Thinking, Say Yes” as the number one “Most Anticipated Album”–a news that came as a wonderful surprise to the band.

Absolute Punk is a very important web site for our genre,” shares Key. “What’s cool about this is that fans can only vote once in every computer. The fact that we came in at number one above bands like Blink 182 and Taking Back Sunday, bands that are all our friends…it’s really an honor and it’s very humbling.”

They can’t wait to share the album to their supporters. “We’re very excited; it will be a perfect record for the fans.” The tracks, according to him, show how the band is continuously evolving throughout the years.

In their website, Key shares that they “want to resurface as a group of friends and artists who believe in each other and the music we create together.” The last song of the record, “Be Young,” reminds them “why we do what we do, and how lucky we actually are.”

“If we didn’t take a break, we don’t think we’d be here,” the band’s lead vocals and guitarist Ryan Key says during the presscon.

Awed by the Pinoy fans

During the interview with the Manila press, the band was asked what would make their show so special that it would be a night that is hard  to forget.

“We have a violin man,” says Ryan, eliciting laughter from the room.

“We’re excited with our relationship with our audience,” shares violinist Mackin. “We’re very hungry to meet our [Filipino]  fans.”

Yellowcard proceeded to Megamall afterwards for a meet and greet with fans. The band was tweeting that they couldn’t believe that a thousand fans lined up for their signatures. The Philippine is the only Southeast Asian city that Yellowcard has performed in and the only country where their Greatest Hits album is being sold.

The concert held in the crowd-packed A.Venue Hall was made possible by Dayly Entertainment and was kicked off with performances by local bands Hilera and Silent Sanctuary.

Fans were treated with Yellowcard’s hits such as “The Takedown,” Fighting,” “Shrink the World”, “Rough Landing Holly,” “Five Becomes Four,” “Only One,” “Gifts and Curses,” “Believe,” and “Lights and Sounds.” They also sang “For You and Your Denial,” the first single from their new album, the video of which was premiered recently in MTV2. An encore performance saw the band performing crowd favorites “Ocean Avenue,” and “Light Up the Sky” amid the shouts and chants of the crowd.

The band could not believe that even though they are thousands of miles away from the Philippines, their music would be this well-received by Filipinos.  It won’t come as a surprise then should we find ourselves hearing about another Yellowcard concert here in the future. #


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