Day 2: Fast Forward to 2021

Challenge: Share where you’d like to be in ten years

Ten years ago, I would have said ‘I’d like to be a writer or columnist in one of the country’s leading newspaper (hint: it  ASKS about anything and everything EVERYDAY).’ It still hasn’t happened (although I’m now part of the paper’s competition, hehe).

So where do I want to be in 2021? Seems like a thousand light years if you ask me. But I know it’s also near enough for me to start panicking. Or should I? Lately, I tend to live my life one day at a time, taking small steps and not really expecting to make it big the way I wanted it before. Not that I’m afraid of dreaming big. It’s just that life has taught me not to expect too much. I  have also learned that it’s better to sometimes open your life to possibilities and not retrain yourself from trying out new things. So answering the question would be hard. Brain-racking.

I would like to think that by that time, I have started my path towards settling down. By settling down, it does not necessarily mean being married and having a family (of course, that would not hurt) but being able to realize more of the things I want to accomplish at present. I would like to think that I have found the career that I could call my calling. Maybe by that time, I would have explored the idea of teaching (right now, the idea of going back to school has yet to be decided upon. Or at least, the ‘when’ part). I would have traveled more (out of country trips), met more people and saved more.

One thing is certain though. Whatever career I am in or however good life is, I know by 2021, I’d be in a place where I should be and I would be doing my best making that life wonderful and fun.


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