mars attack!

I got sucked into a black hole called 30 Seconds to Mars. I’m trying to remember what exactly made me want to see all their videos and all their interviews, download their songs and albums and pray that if ever they go here I can really watch them.Live.

I know just a few, limited facts about the band. I know they sang ‘The Kill’ which I kept playing on my music player a few years back. I didn’t know Jared Leto was an actor and that he has Cameron Diaz as his ex. I didn’t know about his childhood stories or the lack of them.

Maybe it was ‘Kings and Queens’. When I heard it on the radio and caught it again while watching a trailer of an upcoming movie before, I found myself researching about the band, raving about ‘This is War’, and somehow obsessing about anything related to TSM or Jared Leto.

I saw for the first time, the video of their hit ‘The Kill’ and while on YouTube, searched for more videos of the groups including their guest appearances and concerts. My player burned as This is War (the album) was always on repeat. Jared’s voice lulled me to sleep yet it also gave me that energetic bolt. I made ‘This is War’ my ring tone and alarm tone at the same time.

I would understand if people would think that this is a classic case of fanaticism. But I feel I do not fall into that category. Unlike the Echelon and the Army, I have to be honest in saying that I have learned to like the band just recently  (2010). Also, Filipinos have yet to really dig them( which I think is a good thing as well), with just a handful of radio stations playing their songs (and limited at that matter). Just the same, I really love their latest album and it’s hard for me to pick a song that is my ultimate favorite. I like This is War, Hurricane (the original version), Closer to the Edge (epic video!), Kings and Queens, Alibi, and really, almost all the songs. (Vox Populi is also nice!)



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