what happened in 2010

Don’t you just love it when life gives you surprises just when you thought everything sucks? Surprisingly, 2010 has been a good year to me. I say ‘surprisingly’ because the last month of 2009 has been filled with dealing with bad news, anger and resentment that I guess I really didn’t launch my hopes to the highest notch as the first month of 2010 came. But looking back at the months that passed by, I am happy to share some of the highlights that made this year a year of blessings for me:

New work, semi-old faces. I say new work, semi-old faces because even though I ended my stint in a magazine and became part of another printed medium, I still go to the same office and the best part? With the same team. The latter part of the year saw me slowly going out of my comfort zone and actually writing small stories. (It was surreal seeing your name on print, knowing more people would be able to see it). I am blessed for the confidence my boss(es) gave me. I know I still have a lot to learn but I also know I have to really trust my self.

Freebies galore. I saw concerts, shows, movies and basically enjoyed my leisure time without necessarily spending a lot of money. Thanks to some friends, I was able to see Avatar when it premiered on cinemas (and in 3D!), I got to see Chris Carraba and the rest of Dashboard Confessional (will always be thankful to that person who let me go with her), had fun with the Supafest concert featuring Kelly Rowland, Sean Kingston, T Pain and Flo Rida and yes, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake (plus Jojo in her one-song performance) in Changing Lives concert. There were also times when I just got into joining the group and yet ended up having a blast just like the time my office mates asked me to join them to watch a jazz concert and Pete Best’s show in Manila. The latter is one for the books. I actually saw Ely Buendia perform live and then got the chance to shake his hand just when I thought the chance had passed. This year, I actually joined more contests (hehe) and won some. I got to watch Knight and Day (Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz), Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole (where 30 Seconds to Mars’ Kings and Queens was part of the OST), You Again (Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis).

This year, I was able to (finally) see Rent on stage. Watching theatrical performances is something I would have loved to do in a regular basis but unfortunately, I barely see a play. So when the opportunity came, I gladly grabbed it and I did not regret doing so (even if it meant going home super late in the evening).

I also made it a point to watch the first part of Harry Potter’s final book and the last installment of Toy Story (both films are the second and top movies of 2010, respectively). I had to make a hard choice between HP and the Gin Blossoms concert (not really a hard choice since I chose the movie over the concert for practical reasons) but that’s also what the year that went by was all about — compromise.

More of ‘cultural exposures’, I’m happy that I’ve been able to attend this year’s Cine Europa with my college friends. It has been a tradition for us to meet and see a movie or two but lately we have been remiss of our vow of sort that when three of my classmates came to watch it with me, it kinda made up for the others’ absence.

Friendship. I’m blessed to have met new people at work, share some of every day’s rants and raves, knowing they understand because they too undergo the same things. I am also happy that I was able to touch base with my friends from the past. During the first quarter of the year, a classmate and friend from high school left us. Although it was a painful and sad experience — on my part there was regret on how I have let the years passed by without trying to reach out to more people from my past — it allowed me and my other classmates to share a night or two remembering the good old days (back when our fears were limited to being caught by our OSA and seeing our crush or acing our exam spelled happiness) and re-building the friendship later on.

2010 taught me as well the virtue of acceptance when it comes to relationships such as friendship. Accept that people change and that no matter how much you wanted things to stay the same or go your way, that can’t be the case. The sooner you accept this, the easier for you to move on. This year, I learned to just let things go their way not because I’m too scared to get hurt but because I know that things happen for a reason.

2010 may not be a romantic year for me but I am still grateful for all the love I got from my family and friends. Unlike the past years where I easily get depressed knowing I am unattached, the past year saw me actually content with just having to deal with myself. There were occasional fluttering(s) of the hearts every now and then, of course. But I learned not to be in a hurry.

The first three quarters of the year was rather financially-challenging but I’m glad before 2010 was over, I was able to settle almost all my obligations.

It maybe a year full of struggle but it was also a year full of blessings. And the best part of this, I think, is that I can share my blessings with my loved ones.



  1. wow it’s nice to know that 2010 was a great year for you.. and let’s hope that the greatness will be doubled this 2011.. so how was the first month?? 😀

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