The Home of NU Rock Will Live On

I won’t pretend that I knew so much about NU107 because I didn’t. I won’t claim that I was a hard-core listener because I was not. Like a lot of people though I was saddened when the confirmation that NU was shutting down came. NU has been part of my growing up years. I grew up in a family who loved music and radio. My father used to make his own speakers, the big ones and I would wake up with the radio or the cassette player on. My uncle and brothers shared the same passion. And it was through them that I get acquainted with radio stations like NU.

So I tried tuning in again a few days before D-Day. The resigned/retired jocks were invited to board for the last time. On by one, they said their farewells. Luckily Zach of Fun Times with Zach and Joey/Zach and Joey in the Morning was the one on board when I tuned in that Thursday afternoon. A few more minutes and they hooked up Joey from abroad and the two of them were doing their show after five or more years of leaving NU (Joey, I think, left first). I heard again their plugs (the many versions of ‘Zach and Joey in the morning’ and ‘I love the leather’). It was then that I only realized what they were singing was really ‘zach and joey in the morning’ and not some sort of incantation. Haha.

I think it was my oldest brother who was really a fan of the station. He loved rock and metal music back then so it was no surprise that I, together with the rest of the siblings, got to appreciate this genre. So I was really surprised with myself when I started getting teary eyed and sentimental. Heck, I barely know any jocks more than Zach and Joey, Francis Brew and Myrene. The last two were easy to remember because they formed their own bands later on. I also remember listening to In the Raw (where they feature up and coming artists), Not Radio (the one hosted by Myrene and had a commercial “cow, not cow/radio, not radio”) and Remote Control Weekend (which I still listened to during weekends if I was having pop music overload).

It was Ebe of Sugar Free who got me sniffling that Saturday afternoon. His voice was cracking (not only because he was in the middle of recording his new album) and you could tell he was gravely affected. All the artists, bands, listeners were. Who would play good quality music like NU did?

I told myself I would listen until they signed off on November 14 at 11:59pm. I wasn’t able to do it. I only got to listen to the jocks’ last speeches (from the oldest to the recent DJs). I was barely awake but I still heard Eheads’ Huling El Bimbo playing on my MP4. It would be the last thing I would hear of NU. By morning, I woke up to the static of my radio.

NU’s gone. The only thing left to do is move on, to continue making and patronizing quality OPM music the way this station did for two decades.

*apparently it was Huling El Bimbo that they played last before finally signing off.


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