Gin Blossoms Live in Manila (Yes, they’re coming!!!)

My heart skipped a beat when I learned that Gin Blossoms are coming over and will have a concert on November 18, 2010 at Araneta Coliseum. As if high school life is on playback mode. High school life for me meant playing Gin Blossom’s album over and over. It was still cassette tapes back then. My brother bought “Congratulations, I’m Sorry” and when he wasn’t at home singing to the songs that could have summarized his life then, it was me who sat in front our radio cassette player. I was pouring myself over the leaflet that came with the tape, reading/singing the lyrics amid the rhythm of the guitars and the drums. I listened to their music, read their lyrics and look for more of their songs. And I never outgrew this fondness to their music. Until now, I get the unusual high every time I hear their songs on the radio.

I really want to watch and it will be wonderful if I get a pair of tickets for free. But winning this contest I found over will be No Chocolate Cake. I don’t want this to be a New Miserable Experience, so I’m asking for your help in getting this one. I want Something Real so don’t Wave Bye Bye to me now, not yet. I don’t need to look for Allison Road Somewhere Tonight if you would be Perfectly Still first in reading and liking my post. Don’t worry, As Long as It Matters, I’ll follow You Down with my Competition Smile. So, Until I Hear It from You then?

Feel free to reply, repost and or like this message



  1. uy, good luck! i know favorite mo nga ang gin blossoms. =)

  2. Nice post!! God will let you to have those tickets… from imee v. fernando and jedah laeyan of SuperCare….

  3. you go get the tix apo! i believe it when you say that you love them to bits. not like other kids who claim just to get tix. LOL. have fun!!!

  4. 🙂 go irene!! im gonna pray for you to win the tix!! 🙂 godbless!

  5. Reading the blog of yours when I’m not in a hurry made me teary eyed… Where would i began to tell this? Unlike you I don’t have the talent to put into words what I truly feel, I’m not gifted on that… but you’re right, Gin Blossoms song had become my life’s soundtrack but I didn’t realized that somehow I have passed it in you and I believe many of us can relate to almost all of the music Gin blossom has… When I first heard their song from my Band friend (PARA BAND which were Sunspeed back then)had a great impact already… the first song i ever heard were COMPETION SMILE and AS LONG AS IT MATTERS… when I first heard it it was a raw sound of my friends practicing at a studio and since then i wanted their songs and even search for their lyrics… When I first got a Job it was the “Congratulations I’m Sorry” album were the very first cassette tape that I bought and it was really worth it. The sound of the Gin Blossoms music is not that heavy nor so light it just fits my hearts desire for music…So when i first came to know of their concert here in the Philippines I was thrilled and somewhat saddened, sad because I know I can’t afford to buy the tickets… and now after reading the whole content of this blog made me teary eyed cause I wanted you to win it even if it doesn’t include me… If only I have the amount worth to buy the tickets I’d definitely buy them for the five of us if Kuya wanted to join if not I’d dragged someone to be my date hehe… I don’t want to be depressed so much but I can’t help it hehe so with my fingers crossed I hope you win this one and if I am not available go and date someone special don’t mind me I’m happy to have help you know the music of our life. God bless!

  6. hope you WIN! i know you REALLY want this and we’re here to help you GET it! =)

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