Scare Yourself with these Korean Films

Thanks to and to my office mate who told me about it, I found out that Shangri-la Mall is staging another festival of films. And very fitting for the Halloween celebration, they are running horror films from Korea.

The festival will start tonight with the invitation-only screening of Epitaph. According to the movie guide, it’s a film about three interlocking stories set in a Korean hospital during 1942. Starting tomorrow, October 27, the screening will run until November 4. Like most of the international film festivals, the Korean Horror Film Festival is free admission and tickets are distributed in a first come, first serve policy so expect the long line of people.

Here is the screening schedule for your reference:

Screening Schedule

October 26, Tuesday (Opening Night)
Epitaph (By Invitation Only)

October 27, Wednesday
2 PM Arang
5 PM The Red Shoes
8 PM M

October 28, Thursday
2 PM Hansel and Gretel
5 PM Ghost
8 PM Paradise Murdered

October 29, Friday
2 PM Ghost
5 PM Arang
8 PM Epitaph

October 30, Saturday
2 PM The Red Shoes
5 PM Paradise Murdered
8 PM Hansel and Gretel

October 31, Sunday
2 PM M
5 PM Epitaph
8 PM Arang

November 2, Tuesday
2 PM Hansel and Gretel
5 PM M
8 PM Ghost

November 3, Wednesday
2 PM Paradise Murdered
5 PM Arang
8 PM The Red Shoes

November 4, Thurdsay
2 PM Epitaph
5 PM M
8 PM Paradise Murdered

For inquiries, contact 633-7851 loc.113 or log on to
You may visit to see more information about the featured films.


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