We never seem to care. We are only these self-centered creatures we hate ourselves to be. We just go on with our routine of waking up, fixing ourselves coffee, going to work and retiring by the end of the day. We feel yet we think more than we feel. We love but we love ourselves more than we love others. We get hurt but only because we let hurt touch us. We get mad when we can no longer find reason for our stupid ways.We laugh just to show we are able to get life’s jokes, even if we do not . We cry when we feel helpless and lost. We live by the clock so we could die every minute and live again the next second. We write random thoughts that occupy so much space in our minds. We use our pen to fight this insanity of thinking out loud the screaming ideas in our heads. We dry up the ink so we could justify our sudden outbursts. We never seem to care…We only live the way we are…we were…

from my old blog. posted April 25, 2008/12:02 hrs.


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