2008 had been quite a restless year for me. I made a lot decisions that I proved to be life changing, to say the least. There had been a great deal of moving on with regards to career or matters of the heart. A lot of learning, of acceptance and of letting go.

I finally resigned from my first job. It was not easy — the first part quite emotional and the rest very much strenuous. Saying goodbye to the people you’ve worked with for the past three years was never easy.These are the people whom you first dealt with after college, who molded you to become the strong person you are right now.

My experience with my first job will be forever instilled in my mind and my heart because there had been a lot of laughter, tears, courage and fears truly unforgettable in that part of my life. I am glad I have been able to surpass all those difficulties. It was not an easy ride, but surely I have no regrets. For without those moments, I would not have met the friends I gained or would have not realized how firm my faith is.

And so I say goodbye to a chapter of my life and will look forward to be part of a new world.

from  my old blog, posted last December 20, 2008/3:42 hrs.


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