Toy Story 3: A Lesson of Letting Go

I told myself that I would only watch Toy Story 3 alone or if the need arises, with someone who’ve known me enough to ignore me as soon as I start welling up.

I first tried checking the theaters the day the country witnessed a new president sworn in. That date being a holiday (I didn’t have to go to work!) also spelled madness in the city’s malls. To make matters worse, it was the opening date of Twilight’s third installment (yeah, Eclipse). These things into consideration, I was no longer shocked to find throngs of people making their way into the cinemas.

After checking out another mall (taking advantage of the free MRT/LRT rides) and exhausting myself from all the walking and lack of decent sleep the night before (had to wake up super early that morning), I finally gave up and went home.

Saturday night came and if not for the week-worth’s laundry waiting for me at home, I would have gone and watched Tom Hanks’ flick. I promised myself I would drag my butt to the mall one of these days to catch that film before everyone else did.

On that Sunday afternoon, I managed to take my eyes away from the boob tube, fought the urge to join Ewan (our cat) in her sleep and went out to Mandaluyong area. There were malls nearer my place but I opted to head out to a mall I was more comfortable with. Okay, so it also didn’t hurt that Shangri-La was just a spit away from an MRT station and Eiga Sai was running that time so I figured to check out the Japanese movies first before watching TS3. I got disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a ticket for the 4:30 screening of the free Japanese movie but it made me decide to go to the neighboring mall to check out the schedule of TS3. There was only one screening left for the movie and it was still for 6:25 pm. I decided to check out the mall’s Chapel (yes, I haven’t really been there after all the malling I’ve been doing the past years) and hear mass as well. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to finish the mass because I know I have to allot a few minutes to claim my free hot dog sandwich and look for a nice seat but when you put Him above anything else, He will make sure that you get what you deserve.

Feeling blessed after the mass, I quickened my steps and lined up for my food. The line was not long but the service was slooow. Other people were already complaining that the cinema where TS3 would be shown was letting people in and that they might miss the start of the movie. I patiently waited for my turn (no sense getting all flared up) and hurriedly went inside the theater to find me a nice, decent seat (beside a little girl who was with her dad).

3D glasses on, we waited for the trailers to finish while I wolfed down my food (my dinner for the night, I realized).

And then it all began. Did I tell you that I didn’t get to watch the second installment of the film? The first installment I can barely remember the details so I just sat there bracing myself for the scenes to unravel before my eyes.

The problem with me is that I get easily moved by touching situations, no matter how cheesy they may seem. The first few parts from which they showed Andy’s childhood (via a recording of his birthday celebrations and those days when he was always playing with his toys) up to the time where he is all grown up, all set for college already stroke a nerve in my heart.

While watching the movie, I kept on asking myself when would I start crying. Even if I was laughing, my mind kept on telling me that I would be crying any minute. What really started the cry-baby in me was the scene at the furnace when they held hands and were anticipating what they thought then was their ending. The resignation written all over their faces reminded me of those times we had fought so hard for something yet in the end, we just have to accept the fact that some things cannot go our way. I didn’t mind if I was next to kid girl who it seemed, was not even affected while I was “leaking.”

This is a movie without a happy ending. This is a movie that will make you think of the things you have said goodbye to and the things you would have to let go of in the future. I guess for me, this film really hit home because I am a kind of person who always finds it hard to let go of things, of people, of emotions. I admire Andy’s courage of letting go of his dearest toys when he could just kept them with him (stocking them in the attic). I salute Woody for his selflessness –– he had a chance of staying with Andy but he chose to be with the others, he decided to let go of his favorite playmate. And I think only someone with a steel heart will not appreciate this movie. This movie that camouflaged itself as a cartoon but nevertheless affected almost everyone who had seen it. And why not? All of us, in one point or another, had to let go. And learning the art is not easy as playing with your toys wherein when you get tired of playing you can put them aside first and resume another day. When you have to let go of something, you just have to face it, head on and get through with it so you can move on. It’s tough, yes. But that is life. Even toys know that for a fact.

After the movie, I just had that urgency to rush home, take out all the toys I was left with and just hug them all. And I knew it wasn’t just the toys that would make me cry again.


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  1. did you already give up my stuff toy gift? sometimes we really have to let go of the things, people and even the memories but its still fine that once upon a time they made us smile.. i hope i too made you smile once upon a time..

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