I just feel blessed today. I woke up fervently hoping that today I will be  “happily productive” and at the same time I prayed that the stumbling block I have been putting up against  with will just disappear. Suffice it to say, the good news started to greet me when I got to the office. And things got better and better. I just couldn’t stop myself from expressing my gratitude to the Lord. Yes, I was very thankful. Last week, even if I was swamped with work, I realized I wanted to do this for now. Funny, before I was actually thinking of quitting right then and there. But the Universe always has something up her sleeves and I learned that there are ways to enjoy the things you do. Yes, things might not always work the way you want them to be  but this should not stop you from being happy, from choosing to be happy. And I think I am finally choosing that path- happiness no matter how bs the rest of the world is. I just have to find those things that will inspire me or just even ease that urge to throw the towel and leave. So I decided to stay. It also help that I have found new friends -people who I can share the same wavelength with, without pretense perhaps? They have made my everyday life bearable; I know I am not alone in this battle.

So yes, I am blessed. I now acknowledge the fact that no matter how undeserving you feel, you still deserve to be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy. We just have to own it. Wow, as I was typing, I mistakenly typed “won” instead of “own”. Hmm…own = won. If you own it, you will win it. Nice.


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